New Restaurants Available on KariBites

It’s a new year and KariBites is starting off with a wide selection of restaurants available. With over 20 restaurants and more coming soon, check out the latest new restaurants added to our selection.

  1. Wing Stop
    Looking for chicken wings, this restaurant serves delicious flavours of wings. Whether you’re looking for sriracha, honey garlic, teriyaki or buffalo you can customize your wings to your desired taste. Whether you’re hosting a house party, study night or movies with the crew, you can check out their menu and place an order.
    Buffalo Wings

  2. Abo Maya
    This food truck serves delicious Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. Whether you’re interested in a Garima Plate or Quesadillas then this is the spot for you. If you’re vegetarian, there are options available for you. You can visit their menu and place an order from their page.
    Hummus and Pita Bread

  3. Rain’s Kitchen
    This restaurant serves a range of options of cooked meals. Whether you’re looking for chicken, pork, fish or soup you can order some delicious food for lunch or dinner. Occasionally they also serve special local items such as oil down and souse. If you’re looking for some cooked meals, check out their menu to place an order.
    Chicken Meal

  4. Victory Bar and Restaurant
    Looking for Pizza? Then Victory Bar creates a wide range of thin crust pizzas to your taste. If you’re also looking for indian cuisine or snacks, then Victory Bar’s menu provides a wealth of options for you. Visit their menu page to place your next order.

  5. Bella Milano
    This restaurant serves delicious pastries and beverages to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there’s a range of pastries, snacks and beverages to choose from. Interested in ordering, you can check out their menu to order some delicious italian pastries.

KariBites is committed to making food readily available at your fingertips. You can place your next order at for pick up or delivery. If you’re a restaurant interested in joining our platform you can visit

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