Statement from KariBites

As a melting pot, our region and us as Caribbean people uniquely have roots and branches extending across the entire world. Many of our people pursue higher education and opportunities abroad, and many across the world come to our shores with the same ambitions.

That is why, as a company, we feel compelled to take a moment to give attention to and stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters in and from the United States. We especially grieve for the family of George Floyd and the countless lives who have been stolen by the evil of systemic racial oppression.

If you feel similarly frustrated, below are some resources which we found useful for channeling our frustration into action, and we hope you may find some reprieve in these resources as well. We will continue to look to and learn from the leaders in this fight.


Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Black Lives Matter @blklivesmatter

Know Your Rights Camp @yourrightscamp

Campaign Zero @campaignzero



NAACP Legal Defense Fund petition for George Floyd @naacp , @naacp_ldf

Watch this video to donate to BLM:

How to Financially Help BLM Without Money

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