Studying at Home

Getting into the groove to study can be a challenge at times, especially studying at home. In our current remote learning era, students are struggling to study effectively at home. Whether you’re starting a new term or a returning student, here are some tips for studying at home.

Plan Your Day

Make a schedule or checklist of tasks you need to complete for the day. This will help you to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Plan your meal ahead of time so that you’re not looking for something to eat when you’re hungry. Opt to eat a healthy meal, leafy greens and vegetables are a popular choice for “brain food”. Save time and schedule your meal by pre-ordering with KariBites.

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Establish A Study Spot

Dedicate a specific room or location that will be your daily study hub. Keep all your study essentials in that area and avoid studying outside of that space. Ensure the study spot is comfy and conducive to learning, avoid distractions or noisy spaces as much as possible.

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Use technology to stay focused

Sounds ironic right? There are lots of apps and available that can help you block some of your favourite distr-app-tions. Setting a timer on these apps can help you stay focused on your work throughout the day.

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Take A Break!

As the great Eliza Hamilton once said, “Take a break!”. No kidding, it’s important to take a break, go for a quick walk or call a friend for a few minutes before getting back to studies.

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Reward Yourself

Celebrate your accomplishments by treating yourself to your favourite treats. After a successful exam, you can order your favourite desserts with KariBites and celebrate with your peers via zoom.

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All the best on your upcoming semester! We deliver so that you can focus on your studies. Visit to order your next meal.

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